wedding coverage begins at $2800

elopements begin at $2000

Portrait sessions begin at $400

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How much do you charge?

Wedding packages begin at $2800 and most couples spend around $3200 for their ideal package. Portrait sessions begin at $250, and elopements begin at $2000. Click here to get in touch and I can send over a full PDF containing detailed pricing info!

Do you travel? 

Absolutely! I love traveling and any opportunity to do so- especially for work- is one I will enthusiastically accept. Click here  to see the list of places currently on my bucket list. I just require a few things to make travel gigs happen: the cost of travel (ie roundtrip airfare), along with a rental car and lodging accommodations for at least two nights. Please reach out if you are planning something outside of Austin or Minneapolis (or the US) and want me to come along! 

Why elopements?

I can't think of a better way to get married! Logistically speaking, they require less planning, are much, MUCH cheaper and grant you the opportunity to get married wherever you want! There is a great deal of pressure surrounding large wedding events and elopements and intimate weddings lessen the stressful burden and simplify things. You can always plan a large reception for friends and family for when you return from your elopement. I have never heard of anyone saying they regretted their decision to elope- so I say, when in doubt and if considering, just go for it! 

Can you explain your confusing current living situation?

Why, yes I can! I moved to Austin midway through November and will be back in Minneapolis a few times early this summer for weddings and visiting friends and family. For the foreseeable future I will be splitting time between my old home and my new adoptive home. I love Austin so much and feel very comfortable here. To me, "home" is more of a concept than a concrete physical location.  

Who did your site?

I did but I started with the Black Onyx design kit from a company called Squaremuse. Check em out!    

How long do we have to wait for our photos?

While it varies based on workload, I allow myself up to six weeks for delivery of the full, edited gallery. I always aim to deliver sooner though.  

How would you describe your photography style as it pertains to couples and portraiture?

I've pondered this question a lot. Photojournalistic. Natural. Modern. Contemplative. Observant. Joyous in a non-corny way. Emotional. Intimate. I'm inspired by photographers like Todd Hido, Alex Webb, Andre Wagner- visionaries with excellent tuned eyes for composition, design, light and who's photos are highly observant and infused with a sense of curiosity.  

What are you like on a wedding day?

I am a laid back, stress-relieving presence :)



Do you offer prints?

I use a gallery hosting site called Instaproofs for all client galleries and you, along with friends and family, will be able to order prints directly through the site should you choose! I also give couples full download and printing rights for personal printing choices.

Do you offer albums?

I do! Beautiful handmade albums are available either as an add-on to any package, or included as part of some of my higher tier packages. Inquire for more info!

Are we a good match?

If there's one thing I've learned in this business, it's that connection is important. I'm not for everyone and that is ok. Couples deserve to find the photographer they connect with. My couples understand the value of photography and regard it as a worthy investment. They prioritize it on their day. They want to work with me not only because they enjoy my photos, but also because they are excited at the idea of us creating TOGETHER. I want to work with couples who aren't afraid to have fun and open up to each other. Vulnerability, trust and an open mind are essential ingredients for excellent photos.   

Who are NON-ideal clients?

The "mass-shoppers" as I call them (those who- only through adherence to social norms- regard photography as a necessary aspect of the day, but who aren't actually interested in the importance of photography). In other words, those who just don't see the "value." As an artist, I want to work with people who connect with my photos and who understand the value of images that will last far longer than every other aspect of your day- with the exception of your own memories. Not only is it important in a business sense to work with those who understand the value of artistic imagery, but I am able to do my best work with those who are enthusiastic at the idea of us making magic together- ultimately, photography is a collaborative process that requires effort and enthusiasm from both parties. 

What can we expect when shooting with you?

You can expect a fun, laid-back experience. I like to capture things as they unfold, letting the two of you interact with each other in a way that is natural and effortless. My goal is to capture your love and what it looks like- not stiffly posing things and dictating how it should look. I want the photos I make to be dynamic and full of life- a true reflection of your lives as individuals and as a couple. You can expect plenty of walking and intimacy with your S/O. I'll direct and talk to you as we go, but never in a way that causes the photos to look robotic and stiff.     

Do you work with second shooters?

Yes. Though I am very comfortable working alone, second shooters can provide an additional measure of security and can allow for extra coverage of your day. I work with a dedicated group of friends- photographers who also run their own businesses and who are all excellent photographers in their own right. I also love second shooting so interested photographers get at me please!