In Home Family Session in Minneapolis Minnesota / Desmit Family

Kelley is a dear friend of mine and a talented photographer herself. When she reached out to see if I would be interested in documenting her family inside her home in Minneapolis, I jumped at the opportunity. I am a firm believer in stepping (or forcing oneself) outside of your comfort zone and trying new things. Prior to this day, I had limited experience in family photography- I never really saw myself enjoying it honestly. I had a very biased view of “family photography” as vomit-inducing, sugary-sweet, posed, corny BS. I wasn’t sure frankly if there was a way to do it in an interesting way. The more I thought about it though, the more I realized how important these types of photos are. These images are the only tangible visual documents that will survive to remind us of a past time in our lives. I started to look at old family albums and saw that there was such innate beauty present in carefree, matter-of-fact documentation of daily life. I began to shift my attitude toward family sessions and now I am convinced they can be done tastefully and in a manner reminiscent of old family snapshots.

I feel it is highly important to photograph in a way that is creative and honest. I want viewers of my photos to always get lost in the story I’m documenting- I want to evoke emotion and visually translate sounds, atmosphere, touch, etc. I hope this collection of intimate in home images of my friend’s beautiful family makes you feel something.