Nick Meza

a photographer based in Austin, Texas shooting weddings and elopements for couples around the world  


I was born in Costa Rica. As a dual citizen growing up amid two distinct cultures and traveling frequently back and forth between Central and North America, I learned from a young age the value of other cultures and the ways in which connecting with other people can enrich us. I carry this appreciation and love for humanity and experiences deep within me. The world is inarguably full of problems, but it is also replete with beauty. I love nothing more than embracing and celebrating that beauty in my photographs. My primary goal as a wedding photographer is to pour all of my passion and creativity into your images in a way that is genuine and honest. I work as equal parts photojournalist and art director- capturing events as they unfold while seeking to artfully preserve the most beautiful visual version of those events. I'm passionate about making real connections around the world and working with fellow artists, creatives and global citizens who share a similar thirst for adventure and experiences and who love the world and people in all their complexity.        


If you have an adventurous spirit and value new experiences, we will get along very well


If any of this resonates then I'd love to talk to you! 


- Likes

  • art

  • culture/s

  • food and assorted food related snobbery

  • music


  • open-mindedness

  • traveling

  • new experiences

  • forcing myself out of my comfort zone

  • memes

  • spontaneity

  • books

  • good design

  • fashion

  • sarcasm

  • coffee, beer, whiskey, wine, tea

  • living exclusively in big cities

  • language and languages

- Other things about me:

  • I'm fluent in Spanish and speak a little Mandarin Chinese

  • I am a visual artist who works in mediums outside of photography

  • I am a drummer and have played in various bands. My band Treading North is currently on a brief hiatus since I moved away from Minneapolis, but we have plans to work together in the future.

  • I love deep, meaningful conversations

  • Fiction > Nonfiction