The view from my sister's apartment in Santiago, Chile a few years back.

Mamiya RZ67, Portra 400


Dream Travel Locations

This is a list of places that I feel compelled to experience and explore in my lifetime. If you are planning a wedding, elopement or session in any of these places I would love to come along and explore with you. If your dream wedding/shoot involves traveling to any of these places, let's make it happen! I'm offering large discounts for anyone who wants to bring me along to any of these countries. 


Morocco | Italy | India | Vietnam | Thailand | Spain | Switzerland | Patagonia | Jamaica | Peru | Norway | Iceland | Scotland | Japan


If you are planning something outside of Austin, Minneapolis or the US and your dream location isn’t on this list, please contact me anyway! I really want to see the whole world, and would love to see a chunk of it with you.